A New Friend

The travelers cross paths with a paladin who requests their help in retreiving his comrade from a nearby cave.

A Pirate Challenge

After crossing paths with Griffin Beak on the open waters, the adventurers are challenged to kill an undead pirate roaming the ocean floors.


Before the creation of Saybur Port, Aelbank was the primary port for commerce to Nokuda City. Now, it serves mostly just for trade between the Isles of Might and Merrimere. Known widely for its fishing and fishing tournaments.


A small city known for its lager and powerful military presence.


Ashegar was once known as Highgate before being overthrown by an army from the northern town of Aldhaven.

Bay of Ashegar

The Bay of Ashegar is responsible for 90% of all commerce coming in and out of Ashegar.

Blunder Bay

A small pirate port town inhabited by goblin pirates.

Dungeon: Riverland Valley

The travelers join with a paladin named Issl to rescue a friend from the dungeon.

Dungeon: Strongvale Pass

The travelers accept a request to find a missing Swordsmaster named Chun Wei. They work their way through the dungeon, besting obstacles and a Basilisk to find Chun's corpse.

Dungeon: Unexpected Enemies

Following a marking on a map, the adventurers find themselves in a dungeon where Friendor has plotted to kill them with his newly acquired powers of Necromancy from Griffin Beak.

Escape from Nokuda

The adventurers break Friendor out of jail and escape south of Nokuda City to set up camp for the night.

Free Ride

A family of travelers stop to give the adventurers a lift to Nokuda City.

Grassbarrow Monastery

The adventurers cross paths with a small monk who seeks adventure. Martha joins the crew on their travels and offers them his healing powers.


An old castle that was converted into a lighthouse. Greycastle watches over the ships coming in to the Bay of Ashegar.


Friendor's hometown, and where the travelers have decided to call home.

Margaret's Cave

Griffin Beak commissioned the travelers to retrieve an orange gem from the gremlin's cave. The travelers best her and loot the cave.

Nokuda City

Large city governing the land mass of Merrimere.

Nokuda Pass Encounter

The adventurers cross paths with a pair of goblins. While learning quickly that these goblins are quite a bit stronger than the rats, the adventurers were still able to best them.


Orham is the city run by the youngest son of Orzhov. The travelers freed this city of a silver dragon.


Once ruled by Lord Orzhov, Orton is now ruled by his eldest son who shares the same name.

Riverland Mountain

Atop this mountain is a firey depth into which the travelers discarded Friendor's purple gem of necromancy. Residing atop this mountain is a man named Nicholai who gives presents to Al'Ketonia on December 25th.

Saybur Port

Saybur Port is the main port town of Merrimere. It also serves as a rest stop for long distance shipments.


One of many small towns surrounding the Isles of Might. Named after their notoriously delicious shrimp which is only cooked when an unknown traveler passes through.

Story Begins

The adventurers awaken on a boat just in time to weather a massive storm.


Strongvale is another small town surrounding the Isles of Might. The only real difference is that it isn't part of one of the 3 major isles and generally sees less traffic.

The Nudity

The travelers return to the Isles of Might to rid the 3 cities of a dragon infestation.

Locations Aelbank Aldhaven Ashegar Bay of Ashegar Blunder Bay Greycastle Lorlea Nokuda City Orham Orton Saybur Port Strongvale
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